Generation Joshua Staff Team

  • Joel Grewe - Director

    JoelJoel Grewe is the Director of Generation Joshua, he is married to Christie Grewe, and they have three little boys. He is a native of Washington State, and a graduate of Eastern Washington University.  Follow Joel on Facebook and Twitter. 

  • Jeremiah Lorrig - Deputy Director

    JeremiahJeremiah serves as the Deputy Director of Generation Joshua. He focuses on improving projects, growing engagement, and making sure that students are empowered to make a difference while having a good time.  Follow Jeremiah on FacebookTwitterGoogle Plus, and Instagram.

  • Glenn Bertsch - Program Administrator

    GlennGlenn joined GenJ in the very early years as a student, interned in the office during college, and has been working with us full time since then. He runs our clubs program as well as being one of our top teachers and expert on Congressional processes. His wing chapels at camp are legendary, his knowledge is vast, his experience great, and his heart for the students impacting.  Follow Glenn on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram

  • Daniel Heffington - Communications Director

    DanielDaniel Heffington is the Communications director for Generation Joshua.  He brings a background of business, ministry, and grassroots politics to the GenJ team. Daniel is also an independent singer/songwriter and worship leader at his church. He lives in Northern Virginia with his wife, Abigail, and his daughter, Ellie.  Follow Daniel on FacebookTwitterSoundCloud, and Instagram.

  • Cory Gibbons - Intern

    CoryCory first heard about Generation Joshua as a student at Patrick Henry College and had so much fun volunteering on a Student Action Team that she has been interning with us ever since.