It turns out that the reason that civics and government is a required high school subject in most states is because it’s actually important to know! Every American has the right and a responsibility to safeguard our freedoms and values by engaging in the political process

To engage effectively, we must understand how our government works. That is why HSLDA Action has a variety of programs designed to teach people about their government and to engage in the civic process. Our two major initiatives are outlined here:

  • Generation Joshua: This is our teen civics organization. It equips and empowers teens to understand how our country works and how they can engage the political process for good. We don't believe that a teen's voice should only matter after they turn 18. They have a voice today, and we believe it deserves to be heard.
  • Congressional Action Program (CAP): This program is designed to train and equip everyday citizens in the nuts and bolts of grassroots activism on the federal level. In more practical terms, we help people learn how to effectively communicate with their congressman and senators about the issues they care about. We do this through a variety of methods, including occasional Capitol Hill training and lobby days.

HSLDA Action exists to give homeschool families a constant, consistent voice in government. This, however, does not replace each family's own unique story and voice. Far from it. More than merely representing homeschool families, HSLDA Action seeks to empower the current—and next—generation of homeschool advocates. Only by being united and working together will we be able to continue making homeschooling possible for the future.