Together we are
Protecting the future of homeschooling
Join us in our mission to promote educational freedom and shape government policy for homeschoolers.
We believe that education begins at home and are working to protect the freedoms that allow families to pursue the best education possible for each child.
What We Do
HSLDA Action defends homeschool freedoms against
those who wish to undermine them.

Empowering the Next Generation

Generation Joshua Student Action Team Member

Do you care about the future of America and the freedoms your children will inherit? HSLDA Action is mentoring and equipping tomorrow’s leaders. Every year through Generation Joshua's youth civics program, thousands of teens attend iGovern where they learn about government through immersive simulation. Hundreds more engage in real political activism through Student Action Teams during election season. With your help, we are equipping and empowering our country’s future citizens and leaders.

Together We Can Impact America's Future

HSLDA Action works to ensure the rights to homeschool and the freedoms we cherish are carried onto future generations. Join the movement today!

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