HSLDA Action was created to protect and defend homeschool freedom in the political arena. Doing this makes it possible for families to choose the best educational options for their families.

One of the most fundamental principles in politics is working with people. If you want to accomplish anything, you need friends—friends who will support your efforts on shared values.

HSLDA Action is uniquely placed to form and cultivate these critical friendships. While these friendly organizations are not necessarily homeschooling focused, there are many pro-family, pro-educational-freedom organizations and candidates.

Developing and maintaining relationships with these like-minded organizations and legislators is called coalition building. This necessary part of advocacy is much easier to accomplish and much more effective on an organizational level than on an individual or grassroots level.

By being part of HSLDA Action, our members are represented through our staff on Capitol Hill, who are able to regularly meet and discuss the issues with our partners.

As we work in concert with our partners both on policy matters and on the campaign trail, the issues homeschool families care about are given more weight and emphasis. In our world of 24/7 news cycles and clamoring masses on social media and other digital platforms, it is the present, clear, and unified voice that, more than ever, cuts through the noise to be heard.

HSLDA Action is present, our message is clear, and we work hard to maintain a unified and positive message with our coalition of partners.

Doing this successfully strengthens our ability to communicate our message of educational freedom for families. And that is the message that makes homeschooling possible.