HSLDA Action is a homeschool advocacy organization. We seek to

  • advance opportunities for home education in the public arena;
  • educate skeptics, legislators, and the public on its advantages; and
  • show the world how much children can benefit from home education.

HSLDA Action is built on the principles that brought homeschooling from public obscurity to national acceptance: namely, that your voice matters, and that YOU, no matter your gender, race, or economic status, can make a difference for your children.

As a community and as an organization, HSLDA Action fights to protect the freedom to homeschool against any who wish to undermine it. HSLDA Action, alongside our dedicated members, does this through grassroots political engagement, education on the issues, and the building of partnerships with other organizations and candidates who support the cause of homeschooling.

If you are a friend of homeschooling and believe that more educational opportunities should be available to students across the nation, please consider joining our cause!